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Where the Detroit Tigers of 1935 lived

In the 1930s, if you wanted to track down your favorite Detroit Tigers, you needed only to check the city directory to find where they lived. They were listed, except for the few men who were in hotels.

In 1935, much of the Tigers pitching staff resided in the Tanton Apartments at 3450 W. Chicago Ave. Tommy Bridges, Elden Auker, Elon "Chief" Hogsett, and several others were there. Outfielder Gee Walker lived just down the street in Casa Loma Apartments with his wife and two young sons before moving to the New Center's Seward Hotel, where Schoolboy Rowe and Jo-Jo White also made their homes.

Hank Greenberg had a place at the Leland Hotel, General Crowder was at the Fort Shelby, and Goose Goslin was at the Book Cadillac.

A few players owned homes: Mickey Cochrane at 18110 Muirland near the University of Detroit and, father on the west side, Charlie Gehringer at 14183 Whitcomb, Billy Rogell at 5350 Joy Road, and Ray Hayworth at 3258 W. Buena Vista.

Team owners Frank Navin and Walter Briggs lived in a more affluent neighborhood: Boston-Edison. That's Briggs' house below.

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